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VANCOUVER, Aug. 3, 2016 /CNW/ – Alterra Power Corp. (“Alterra”) and funds managed by Axium Infrastructure Inc. (“Axium”) are pleased to announce the commencement of full commercial operations at the Jimmie Creek run-of-river hydroelectric project. The stock of energy performance contracting firm Ameresco stabilized after two months of bad performance following investors’ disappointment with management’s first quarter outlook. Insiders maintain faith in the company’s long term prospects, and bought 48,000 shares in May. One reason the company’s growth prospect may pick up will be the likely inclusion of energy efficiency as a compliance mechanism for the EPA’s proposed rules for new carbon pollution standards from existing power plants. Green-minded investment advisers and climate activists I have been speaking to have also noticed another effect of the election. Voters who understand the challenge of climate change are reacting to frustration at the ballot box by looking for other levers they can pull to create change. Environmentally responsible investing is one such massively underused lever. The fossil fuel industry’s market cap is gigantic, while the market cap of all clean energy companies is tiny in comparison.

Last January, I used a weighted average of the Global X YieldCo ETF and the PowerShares Clean Energy ETF as my benchmark. The 70 percent weight on the income-focused YLCO reflected the seven of 10 income stocks in the portfolio, while the 30 percent weight on PBW matched the three growth stocks. Given my greater caution this year, the 2017 portfolio contains eight income and only two growth stocks. Hence, the portfolio’s benchmark will be a weighted average of 80 percent YLCO and 20 percent PBW. “Finessing Trump” may not be a perfect analogy for picking clean energy stocks that should do well despite a hostile White House under the eponymous President-elect, but I’ll run with it. The relative strength of the cards held by fossil fuel industries are certainly a lot stronger compared to those held by the clean energy industries than they were just a few months ago.

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I think it’s very unlikely that the company will cease paying dividends on its preferred shares, but a substantial dividend cut on the common shares is very likely. I may become interested in buying SSW after that cut happens, if the cut is large enough that I become confident there are no further cuts in the future. The election result, the lower-than-expected dividend increase, and two negative articles from a short seller on Seeking Alpha have combined to push the stock price down almost to its level at the start of 2016, when it was already cheap. With a 10 percent dividend increase since then, this is the best opportunity to buy Hannon Armstrong since early 2015.

  • The company has disappointed investors because it is in the alternative energy space, which takes a very long time.
  • A final facelift to the middle model occurred in August 1996 with the addition of a driver’s side airbag and a change of alloy wheels amongst other minor details.
  • As I discussed in the Pattern Energy section, I believe that solar farms will have greatly diminished cash flows and residual value when 8point3’s current PPAs expire.
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MarketBeat just released five new stock ideas, but (AXY.TO) wasn’t one of them. I have demonstrated how to build dynamic data labels in a previous article if you are interested in using those in a chart. Recovering oil markets and offshore drilling should cause demand for Aspen’s products to follow suit, but its status as a supplier to the oil industry means that an oil industry revival is not yet reflected in the stock price. Aspen Aerogels manufactures one of the highest-performing types of insulation available with current technology.

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Independent power producer Capstone Infrastructure reported very strong first quarter performance, with adjusted funds from operations up 46% from a year earlier due to the additions to its wind portfolio. This and the financings for its Skyway 8 and Saint-Philémon wind power developments underline Capstone’s successful diversification away from reliance on its Cardinal gas cogeneration facility. While Cardinal is currently immensely profitable, its copious cash flow will be greatly reduced under the recently finalized agreement with the Ontario Power Authority, which commences at the start of 2015. Knowing this was coming, management has spent the last couple years investing the profits from Cardinal in renewable energy development. Selecting lower-risk clean energy companies such as most of the ones in this list means that the environmental investment lever can be pulled without increasing the risk of most investors’ portfolios. Most of the YieldCos in this list were beginning to issue new shares to acquire more assets and grow last summer, when stock prices had only recovered to a fraction of their losses from the popping of the 2015 YieldCo bubble. Bringing their stock prices back up to those levels will mean their growth will resume, and continue to finance new wind and solar farms.

Make sure you select as many cells as there are data points in your chart. This macro adds a cell reference to each data label, the value in the referenced cell is then linked to the label. If you change the value in the cell axy stock the label value changes as well. If your chart has many data points this method becomes quickly tedious and time-consuming. The following animated picture demonstrates how to link a cell value to a specific chart data point.

Bicycle manufacturer and distributor Accell Group went ex-dividend for its 2013 annual distribution of €0.55. The dividend is set on an annual basis based on last year’s profits. Since sales have been better so far this year, I expect next year’s distribution to be higher. Capstone insiders seem to think these investments will continue paying off. Three of them bought a total of 15,300 shares in May, while another sold C$29,000 worth of preferred shares and bought $42,000 worth of common shares. The chief remaining obstacle to its divorce from Abengoa are waivers to covenants on certain project debts, which were triggered by Abengoa’s bankruptcy. Department of Energy due to loan guarantees granted as part of the ARRA financial stimulus package in 2009.

YieldCos are companies with a business focused on the ownership or financing of operating clean energy assets, and they use most of the resulting cash flow to pay dividends to shareholders. Operating clean energy assets include wind farms, solar farms, biomass and biofuel plants, and other sustainable infrastructure which reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions. YieldCos often have a developer “sponsor” which holds a majority of the YieldCo’s stock, and gives the YieldCo the first opportunity to buy many of the developer’s projects, called a “right of first offer” or ROFO. Alterra Power Corp., together with its subsidiaries, owns, acquires, develops, and operates renewable power projects. It also operates Boswell Springs wind project, a 320 MW portfolio of wind development projects in Albany County, Wyoming. The company was formerly known as Magma Energy Corp. and changed its name to Alterra Power Corp. in May 2011. Alterra Power Corp. was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Despite the lack of trading, the model portfolio has performed well, and outstandingly well compared to clean energy stocks in general. It has outperformed its benchmark every year since 2008, except 2013. That year it returned 25 percent compared to the benchmark’s 60 percent return.

The term “YieldCo” was first applied to NRG Yield (NYLDand NYLD/A), and the company rode the YieldCo bubble in 2014 and early 2015. During this period, I was often short the stock, as a hedge against the other, significantly better valued, YieldCos. I added NRG Yield to the list last year, and the stock has advanced along with its dividend. Hannon Armstrong’s unique and relatively low-risk business model should make it a core holding for any investor wanting to invest in clean energy.

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Verdict: KNIME has more tools and has an advantage over Alteryx when it come to analytical models and machine learning since it is an open source application that has a large population of independent developers creating additional tools.

Shares of some tech heavyweights and momentum-driven stocks faltered. Facebook and Apple fell 4.7% and 3.9% this week, respectively, underperforming the broader market. Tesla, which reported an earnings beat on Wednesday, shed 5.6% this week. Pioneer AXY 1106 Plasma TV Power Supply- NEW OLD STOCK IN ORGINAL BOX. Up for sale is a new old stock Pioneer AXY 1106A plasma power supply in original box and packing. We use cookies to tailor your experience, measure site performance and present relevant offers and advertisements. By clicking ‘Accept’ or any content on this site, you agree that cookies can be placed on your browser. The action was dismissed on January 27 by agreement of the parties. VANCOUVER, Sept. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Alterra Power Corp. (“Alterra”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Jawbone, a 40 MW wind development project in Kern County, California that is fully zoned for wind-powered generation.

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This comes at the cost of higher interest payments and lower earnings in the short term. It’s even harder to predict what will happen to the stock market in 2017 than it usually is. Certain market sectors like banking seem overvalued, but when I look at these stocks, I think they are undervalued. The broad market is overdue for a correction, but YieldCos have already had one. With this backdrop, I am buying well-valued stock opportunistically, but keeping a large allocation of cash in reserve in case we have a real market crash. Despite investors’ understandable fear, many if not most clean energy companies are unlikely to be harmed by the actions of a Trump administration. U.S. support for clean energy has always been tepid, with the Republican Congress blocking most of the Obama administration’s efforts for the last eight years.

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Hannon Armstrong is a real estate investment trust and investment bank specializing in financing sustainable infrastructure. It’s a leader in the disclosure of the net effect on greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activities. Hannon Armstrong has been in this list since 2014, the year after it became public. 8point3 is a solar-only YieldCo started by joint sponsors First Solar and SunPower (SPWR.) Because of therecent rapid decline in the price of solar modules, bothhave recently beenstruggling to find a way to profitability.

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Alteryx is a software solution that allows users to quickly access, manipulate, analyze, and output data. Data can be read and written to files, databases, and APIs. Alteryx also comes with functionality that enables predictive analytics and geospatial analysis.

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